Silence TV. This is silence!
Silence TV. This is silence!

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Slow TV is a relatively recent invention, it was created in Norway, where they started to show long-hour videos presenting some specific activities. For example, fishing or travelling by train. Our TV channel “Silence World” offers an absolutely new way of percepting media content.

This innovative way is getting more and more popular around the world. Slow TV allows developing contemplation and meditation which, in their turn, beneficially influence our nervous system and enable us to get relaxed. It is these soothing and relaxing effects of this new TV that attract more and more people in different countries.

“Silence World” is a channel for a wide audience, it suits perfectly well for the entire family, since it has no age restrictions. Watching our TV channel will become a pleasant ending for your stressful day, or you can use our videos to put up as a background on our TV, while you are at home. Your family and you will have a great opportunity to release your stress get your good and optimistic mood back.

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